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When the Lagerstroemia season is beautiful, the good season is happening. Published date: 2020-04-23 Publisher: Lagerstroemia property source: Lagerstroemia indica real estate

Listening is the vitality of flowers and insects.

Look, the cities covered by spring are especially beautiful.

Fangfei in April, the epidemic gradually dispersed.

In the warm spring season, cities begin to revive.

The deserted streets reappeared in the bustle of traffic.

Let's return to work.

Even wearing masks can't keep the office alive.

The shops on the street are opening gradually.

There are more and more people coming and going in the mall.

The revival of the past has been seen.

The good is returning, and the city is starting to regenerate.


The past winter

You must have been struck by this:

"No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come."

Now, in the spring, romance is given to the earth as scheduled.

Crape myrtle estate also helps you retain the light of a better life.

   When the Lagerstroemia season is good, the purchase season has officially opened.

Beautiful coverage of the city

A gift for spring for a happy family.


Time is quiet, spring is short.

If you haven't started yet

Please catch the last train in spring.

Seize this fleeting moment.

  Crape myrtle Western Tang, craftsmanship, fine makeup, beautiful time

   Beauty never comes to the surface.

Deep inside the heart of the craftsman built

Crape myrtle and the Western Tang Dynasty

Artisan art and hardcover should be expected from the city to renew quality life.

Landscape demonstration area & beauty of solid model

About 105-130 rooms, two bedrooms, two rooms, and two guards.

Innovating functional layout and innovating space standard

More wonderful life imagination


As the top work of Lagerstroemia indica, the crape myrtle and the West are high above the western high tech. They enjoy the superposition of the two state-level new development zones (high tech Zone and Xixian New Area), and the surrounding supporting resources are abundant. Xinyu Plaza and Suning Plaza meet the needs of shopping, catering and entertainment. The dual subway (3, 5 line) + three horizontal three vertical transportation network makes the trip more efficient. Three kilometers within the four major parks (Yun Shui Park, Hongguang Park, aone Palace Ruins Park, Fenghui canal night light park corridor) surrounded by green, surrounded by many schools, creating the strongest education area; third class hospitals, escorting healthy life. In this way, a beautiful life is no longer a blueprint for a dream. Every day is a romantic picture of poetic inhabiting.

Project address: the intersection of Yu Yue Road and Fuyuan two road to the West 300 meters north road.

Telephone: 029-8888 8808


Lagerstroemia indica, mansion, villa, beautiful villa

Beauty is indescribable.

A collection of humanistic arts and architectural aesthetics

Ingenuity planning low density villa villa community

The crape myrtle and the platinum house will be honourable, light and luxurious, and art.

The light of fashion enters the west of Feng and opens the west of Feng.

Humanistic quality

New products will soon bloom.

The building is about 99 /116.

Glory to come out

Salute the city's elite and high net worth customers

Live up to the concept of fine life and satisfy the longing for a better life.


As the first independent development work of 188体育平台 real estate in Feng Xi new town, Lagerstroemia and platinum house built the pure board villa community with the product positioning of "Feng Xi Xin Shu villa". Around the project, the science and technology industry is converging, the educational institutions are lined up, the business circle is waiting, the nearest subway lines 1, 5, and 11 enjoy the double blessing of Fenghe Forest Park ecological green lung and the community theme park, creating a fine life for the owners. As the chief residence of the regional villa, the Lagerstroemia and platinum government pays tribute to the leading products and the richer matching.

Project address: middle section of Baima River Road, West New Town, West Ham New Area (east side of Feng Xi experimental school)

Telephone: 029-8655 5555


Lagerstroemia indica ecological city

The residence of the bay system is the place where life begins.

It's also a wonderful place to happen.

Lagerstroemia indica eco city deduce the beauty of life in Fenghe Bay

Four seasons of Na Tibet

The landscape area of the project template will be amazing.

A classic encounter between architecture and aesthetics is waiting to be opened.

Looking forward to meeting you, seeing is believing.

Tasting Bay is the beauty of life.

The future home looks like a mirror.


As the first residential project in the international community, Lagerstroemia indica eco city is a masterpiece of Lagerstroemia indica in the past 24 years. The project covers an area of about 152 mu, consisting of low density scarce products, and 1.5 super low floor area occupying comfortable living space. Relying on the excellent ecological resources along the Fenghe River and the first-line support of the international community, Liang Jia Beach International School, European and American style street, Oteri J, equestrian club, international chateau, international health center and so on, the Lagerstroemia eco city has achieved international quality life. Meanwhile, the project has its own bilingual bilingual kindergartens, which are fully equipped with abundant ecological landscape and equipped with different age space. We will create a new mission in the bay area to open up the bay area of the new and high tech Zone.

Project address: Xi'an international community of high tech Zone

Telephone: 029-8888 8800


Lagerstroemia indica eastward

When the city is prosperous and the romantic feelings of people live in collision

The door to a better life opens.

Crape myrtle, East Jin, and the second ring inner city

Enjoy the prosperous resources of the main city

About 80, two rooms, /108, three rooms will be on sale.

Whether it is needed or improved

Excellent quality to meet the expectations of the owners in the future

A better life begins.


Lagerstroemia indica Dongjin is located on the side of Daming Palace in the second ring road. The surrounding facilities are perfect, adjacent to the five major business circles, Daming Palace and Taihua Road, near the Daming Palace National Ruins Park and Dongyuan Park, adjacent to the Northeast Second Ring Road and other main roads, and the double track metro lines (3, 4) are excellent. The community has about 65 thousand open BLOCK commercial street. The trend is big, the fashion is gathering, the early education, the parent-child entertainment, the art teaching and other rich formats, the collection, eating, drinking, playing, music, shopping and so on create a one-stop family wide consumption. Crape myrtle and eastward make the ideal residence for the people who pursue the quality of life.

Project address: Daming Palace Ruins Park in the Second Ring Road, 600 meters east of Yuan Road (eight Fu Zhuang North Road)

Telephone number: 029 -8652 0000


Lagerstroemia megalopolis, low density Villa

Architecture bears the dream of living and makes life more fragrant.

The western style house is like the excellent wine in the building, which makes people memorable.

A house in the city

The distance between people and dreams is narrowed.

Not only has the city's bustling details, but also inherits architectural ingenuity and elegance.

Beautiful homing, villa ideal growth

Crape myrtle will be scarce.

About 140, four rooms and two rooms will soon bloom.


As the upgrading product of Lagerstroemia indica, the Lagerstroemia indica is mainly dominated by low density villas and small high-rise buildings. The community floor area rate is about 1.5, and the greening rate is about 35%. The projects include Feng Xi new town, West China Science and technology innovation port, West Industrial University soar town and other industrial projects to drive the rapid economic development and improve the living environment of the region. Surrounding Xi'an Central Park, Baima River Park and other ecological resources are surrounded; quality education resources such as Feng Xi Experimental School and West Feng fourth school are collected. Community near line 1 line 3 Baima River Station (expected to be completed in 2023), Metro Line 11 unified Road Station (Planning), rapid access to the north station, Xixian airport, community near the Baima River Road, near the Century Avenue, Hongguang road and other large Xi'an East and West spindle, three-dimensional road network tent city prosperous.

Project address: Xixian New District, Feng Xi new town unification road and Baima River Road Cross northeast corner.

Telephone: 029-8121 5555


A city is like a vast ocean.

The ideals, dreams, or desires of countless people.

Everyone walking in the city

Are longing for their own home.

It's not just the place where one day, one night, one vegetable, one meal.

It is also the spiritual territory that can roam the dream.

Crape myrtle real estate is constantly updating its new beautiful residential works.

To satisfy all urban strata and salute the ideal residence of the city

When the Lagerstroemia season is good, the purchase season is beautiful with the city.

I hope you can find your own beautiful life here.

Last one: Lagerstroemia indica project: 3#, 4#, 5# building commodity housing selection scheme The next chapter: sharing crape myrtle building growth, "Lagerstroemia dream relay" half past four class officially opened.
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